Entrepreneurs and researchers are vulnerable to incredible stress and the anxiety. The CAPI sessions are designed to  increase stabilize the mind in order to access the creative power available in each and every person.



University of Alabama at Birmingham, Collat School of Business


October 2017


Anne Markham Bailey


When I met with Dr. Molly Wasko of the I-Corps, she spoke about innovative programs for the UAB community. What resonated for me was to use Creative Awareness Practice as a tool that would help folks engage in their own creative thinking, moving away from mental ruts and habitual patterns. We pitched a 4-session program that would be open to the entire UAB community of faculty, students and staff.  Sessions engage with creativity, stress, concepts of  success and wealth, offering interactive instruction and practice.  Through a combination of teaching and silent practice followed by discussion, the programs present the benefits of meditation/awareness practice, breath work and contemplative inquiry.


What we’ve accomplished:



The sessions present new concepts about creativity & innovation, stress, success and wealth, grounded in physical practices that the participants can explore on their own.



Through engagement in Creative Body Awareness practices, participants are supported in working with common pitfalls to creativity and innovation including stress, anxiety and mental ruts.



CAPI sessions were a place where participants who identify as super achievers can explore deeper questions and concerns, including the personal definition of success, with the intent of crafting ones own life path.