Sometimes the sessions are a safe place where we can simply rest together.



St Anne's House


June, 2016


Anne Markham Bailey


This residency program for women in recovery engaged with CAPI for weekly sessions. The program was supported by Sweet Om Alabama, a non-profit in Birmingham that raises funds to bring yoga and meditation programs into the community. At St Anne's many of the women were dealing with sexual abuse that is often the underbelly of substance abuse. So it was important to create a safe space in which they could explore their own sacred selves that exist fundamentally, and beyond what had been done to them.


What we’ve accomplished:



The sessions created a space for healing and deep rest.



Through engagement in Creative Body Awareness practice, the women were supported in the difficult path of being in recovery while managing living and family situations that were often chaotic and dysfuntional.



CAPI sessions were a container in which the women could explore deeper questions and concerns, and engage the heart of their lives in a safe and spacious place, encouraging their commitment to personal healing.