The Pain of Our Lives Isn't a Problem.

We just don’t like it. For some reason we are radically prejudiced against pain and suffering, and THAT is a big problem for us.

I often hit a kind of humming groove, and every single time this happens, I congratulate myself and say “We’ve really got it figured out now. I’ve joined the ranks of all of those cool and fantastic (and possibly superior) beings that DO have this thing under control and making it sing.” And then, at some point in the future, at another moment in time, I’m coming undone. Maybe it’s the people around me, or my finances roll around, or someone says “no” to me, or I screw something up, and I’m right back into the depression and loathing that coats everything like thick glue. My heart rate increases in this space and I am at high alert.

And so it goes, over and over and over. Even with years of practice, I am vulnerable to this mental trap, and that’s the real good news. There’s not any place or time where it’s all perfect ad infinitum. We’re just here at this moment, and it will always be interesting if we train in noticing the details more than daydreaming about what it means.

Stand-Up performance is a space where I can practice being in relationship right now.

Stand-Up performance is a space where I can practice being in relationship right now.

The Power of the Creative

We can set down the burden of worry and move into the repetition of practice. Through practice, we can move away from the dullness of mental and emotional ruts that constrain our ability to engage in the power and creativity of fresh thought.


What are mental ruts?

Mental ruts are the preconceived notions, judgments and attitudes that become mental habits over time.

That is fresh thought?

Fresh thought is the ability to construct new views, connections and ideas in real time. Fresh thought is endlessly creative, drawing information but not conclusions from the past. 

Through creative awareness practice, we develop the tools to move away from mental ruts and toward fresh thought.

Mental ruts hinder the creative.

  • Mental ruts prevent multi-directional thinking and idea growth.
  • Mental ruts diminish enthusiasm and passion.
  • Mental ruts are made from presupposition and assumption

Fresh thoughts rises from the creative.

  • Fresh thought is a result of curiosity and exploration.
  • Fresh thought leads to innovation.
  • Fresh thought allows for the power of the unknown.


 1.    Settle into comfortable posture

2.    Notice your mental weather

3.    Engage with the feeling of the breath in the nostrils.

4.    Stay with the feeling of the breath in the nostrils as you breath in and out.

5.    Notice your mental weather.

6.    Come back to the feeling of the breath in the nostrils.

7.    Continue this practice for 10 minutes.

 Practice is often simplified when done in the morning before the business of the day has begun. Setting a timer for 10 minutes is helpful.