we can increase creativity & mental pliancy while decreasing depression, stress and mental ruts.

Sometimes I am trapped in relationships of confusion and pain just because it is a habit or mental rut.

Sometimes I am trapped in relationships of confusion and pain just because it is a habit or mental rut.


Our Beginning

Creative Awareness Practice Institute arose out of founder Anne Markham Bailey's desire to offer the practical benefits of awareness practice to a diverse population. After intense training as a meditator and teacher, as well as professional life as a serial entrepreneur, she came to understand all of life as a creative process that can be practiced and shaped.


“When we move away from mental ruts, we open to the possibilities of creative connectivity .”

— Anne markham bailey, FOUNDER


As Anne taught more and more students, and continued her own practices as a writer, business person and contemplative, she saw the disparate worlds coming together. Through training the mind to rest in the body, Bailey saw many issues and problems transform and resolve. The creativity of life that is available to all beings opened with vast potential and power. Anne knew that this work was her heart mission, and she founded Creative Practice Awareness Institute in order to offer simple, powerful interactive training programs to help people discern, open and manifest their personal possibility.

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Retreat Spaces, The Isle of Mull Scotland

Retreat Spaces, The Isle of Mull Scotland


Our Mission

The mission of Creative Awareness Practice Institute is to engage with diverse populations to teach simple and effective tools for increasing personal empowerment, well-being and creative possibility rooted in body awareness and meditation practices. This work has no recurring cost to the practitioner and can dramatically benefit lives.



Adults with anxiety in US


Children with anxiety in US


Receive minimal treatment


Because all people suffer from varying degrees of anxiety, stress, depression and self-doubt, our program reach is broad, including many different areas, offering onsite sessions. Through training, we settle into the physical being and engage with the inherent creativity that is the basis of life and often ignored due to an over-dependence with the thinking mind. Once engaged, creativity can rise up and flourish in all aspects of life.

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Start A Practice

If you are interested in starting a creative awareness practice, there are some simple ways to begin. Over time we will be adding content to this site for your benefit, but in the most basic sense, simply find a spot to sit or lie down. Outside in a nice (and free of dog doo, pesticides or fertilizer) patch of grass is a good idea. Take some time to just settle in. Notice how your body feels. Notice your state of mind, what kind of thoughts you are having. Settle in a bit more. Now bring your attention, your awareness, into the feeling of breathing.  You might put your fingers at your nostrils, and feel the air come in and out. As thoughts bubble or storm or pop up, bring your attention once again to the feeling of the breath in your nostrils. This is a dance of moving back and forth. The thoughts are a normal human process. But the practice, this practice, is to follow the breath and to settle into being a body breathing.  See what happens, and if you'd like, start of journal of your journey. 

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